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2nd Floor Barbershop

Meet Joe The Barber

Fort Lauderdale’s one man barbershop

2nd Floor Barbershop. One man barbershop owned and operated by Joemar Nieves. Formerly known as The Spot Barbershop changed the name in 2022. Joemar, better known as Joe the barber, has been servicing Fort Lauderdale’s gentlemen since 2006. Having worked at Hall Of Fame Barbershop, Mankind, Fareheit Salon, and  Hair Las Olas before opening his barbershop in late 2009 at 1316 East Las Olas Blvd 2nd Floor, suite A.

Originally from Puerto Rico but having lived in Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey and South Carolina, Joe dominates both English and Spanish languages. Communication is key for good relationship. Always keeping an up lifting attitude he strives to keep a smile on your face. Positive energy and good vibes fill up the barbershop.

Joe started cutting hair as a young teenager and has always been involved in arts and crafts. His skill set and experience is above average. Having worked in the construction field and wood work since a child, most of the furniture at 2nd Floor Barbershopwas hand made by him. As well as most paintings in the barbershop. Two beautiful vintage Koken barber chairs give it the traditional old school feel to the barbershop. Classy but simple. A calm, relaxing and private environment  where only one customer at a time gets serviced.  Experienced in all types of haircuts from bold fades to layered scissor cuts.

Push backs, cesars, spikes, bolddies, comb overs, side part, low fade, mid fade, high fade, blow out, tapered, edge ups, mohawks, fohawk, high and tight, afros, mullets, under-cuts, designs, on curly, wavy or straight hair. Being that Joe is a Barber/Stylist, he can also perform chemicals like color and relaxers (hair straigtner).  Look good, feel good, perform better. Things a haircut make you do. Stay groomed, clean and sharp and you will always be ready to cause a good first time impression whenever it comes along.

Known as the best hot shave in Fort Lauderdale, Joe has world wide customers that get hot shaves by him whenever they are in town. The Steam hot towel straight edge shave is a 30-40 minute process. While a steam machine keeps face moist and the hair soft for an easier smoother shave. Finished with a 9 naturalhealing ingredients clear after shave mask that soothes and rehydrate the skin. Tips and tricks to perform a better shave yourself at home is. NOT to press the razor tight against yourskin trying to get a tight shave. Let the weight of the razor do thejob but tilt the razor at a slight angle so that the blade slices the hair and not chop it. (an example is cutting vegetables, you press the knife in an angle to slice not straight down to chop). Much easier, less resistance and you will minimize scraping and irritating the skin. Pressing hard against the skin takes layers of skin and that’s why some people get razor burn or in growing hair. Because the skin grows in faster that the hair grows out. If you don’t hurt the skin while shaving you minimize the problem. And always use a daily moisturizer, why? Because on dry soil you only grow cactus.

Joe is so versatile you can find his music catalog in all mayorplatforms like iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube etc. You can find his music links at for a variety of Spanish reggae, rap, trap and tropical sounds. As a well rounded artist that he is, you can also purchase his designs on t-shirts, hats, pants and other items at East Las Olas Designs online store. you can find his different themes like “I Reject Your Counsel, Be an Elephant. Gentle, Noble, Smart and Powerful, Namaste Smoking and Love is the way”.

Appointments only to ensure time efficiency. Joe keeps a tight schedule. Being on time 99% of the time he shows the respect he has for his customers time. As well, he has a one strike policy. If you book an appointment and do a “No Show No Call”, you will be put on the “Do Not Book Again” list. Simply call or text to cancel the appointment ahead of time. Not at the time of appointment. Services are scheduled in 30 minutes increments. Being 5-10 late is not appreciated, as it can potentially disrupt the next customer’s schedule. Habitually late customers will be put on the “Do Not Book Again” list also.

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